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Mohawk Shared Services
Mohawk Shared Services

Warehouse Logistics

Our Burlington warehouse is 53,000 square feet. We operate six days a week from Sunday to Friday, spanning 3 shifts, 6:30 am to 3:30 am. The warehouse carries 5,000 SKUs and averages 14 inventory turns across items. The warehouse processes approximately 5,800 orders per month, using automated carousels, sorters, and conveyors for maximum efficiency; and an average of 7500 lines daily with an accuracy rate of 99.8%.

We create a stockless model for each member hospital. The nursing units are replenished utilizing the top-up method of replenishment. Nursing units not on a top-up method of replenishment are managed through a requisition process. All orders are shipped nursing unit specific, in low unit of measure to the hospital for distribution and put-away at the nursing unit.

Core Strengths

  • A powerful integrated system to manage warehouse and end-user supply
  • Key Performance Indicators are measured, tracked and reported bi-monthly
  • Documented Standard Operating Procedures support our daily operations
  • Product standardization opportunities are facilitated through the warehouse
  • Quality assurance measures
  • Transparent and regular communication with all customers
  • Subject matter experts
  • Green eco-friendly facility

We work with our members to facilitate entry into our warehouse through comprehensive and fully supported processes.

Point of Use Supply Management Program

Mohawk Medbuy Corporation, through its partnership with Logihedron Inc, has adopted a comprehensive Ten Step Program for management of supplies at the point of use. The key success factor is driven by the philosophy of "managing your demand to make your supply efficient and cost effective". The program includes a collaborative review with customers, including inventory levels, usage patterns, physical space optimization and service frequency. Members' staff training is an integral component of the program.