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Mohawk Shared Services
Mohawk Shared Services

Value Added Programs & Services

We have both Membership and Purchased Service Agreements to support the varying needs of our healthcare providers.

Value Analysis Working Group

Focused on product standardization and with the use of new technology, Mohawk Medbuy Corporation follows the Healthcare Canada Guidelines for staff and patient safety to support best possible outcomes for the patient journey through our complex healthcare system. At the same time this process supports optimal value for our members, allowing them to redirect precious funds back to the bedside.

Direct Ship Rebate Program

Members utilizing our warehouse enjoy the benefit of rebates provided through cost savings our suppliers experience in reduced transportation costs when they ship products directly to our Burlington warehouse. We take care of our member product transportation costs at a lower cost to all.

Pre-Pandemic Support

At Mohawk Medbuy Corporation we carry a 50 day inventory of specific pre-pandemic products to support hospitals during pre-pandemic events.

Non-Member Participation

Non-members may opt into specific contracting events within a fee-for-service structure.  Under this agreement MMC will manage the contracting event including ongoing contract management.