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Mohawk Shared Services
Mohawk Shared Services


Mohawk Medbuy Corporation  is a a leading customer focused national services organization optimizing the delivery of high quality and cost effective linen services to hospitals, SSOs, regional health authorities, long-term care facilities and other health service providers across Canada.

Providing Trusted Linen Solutions Since 1972

Mohawk Medbuy Corporation Linen Services is proud to have served the community for over 45 years.  The originating concept of seven south western Ontario hospital laundries consolidating their laundry requirements into one facility was a strong vision of collaboation.  The operating efficiencies gained proved to be the right choice as the laundry facility continues to still grow throughout Ontario today. 

A full range of linens are available for the modern health-care facility. Our customer service staff will assist you in choosing the right product to suit your needs, whether you work in long term care, a medical floor, or a pediatric unit. Hospital requirements and requests have driven us to expand the product lines over the years, and will continue to do so as new innovations come on the market.

All Canadian Council on Health Facilities Accreditation (CCHFA) Guidelines are followed. Our Hamilton linen facility goes through an annual benchmarking study to ensure quality standards and processing.

We believe that the first step in a quality process is in purchasing quality products (linen) and processes (equipment and chemicals). Both of these processes are carried out with great care, with priority given to environmental impact, longevity as well as functionality.

Our facilities take advantage of our unique Dynamic Linen Replenishment System utilizing the LinenMaster software onsite to minimize handling and to ensure the right linen is available when it is required.

Precise customer satisfaction surveys are conducted every 2 years and a resulting detailed report is published. This report is used to set the aims and goals in conjunction with the active Liaison Committee (User Group). Individual follow up is also carried out with each facility manager.