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Mohawk Shared Services
Mohawk Shared Services

The AP Services Payment Process

Step 1:  Register for the Supplier Portal - this process maps your invoice layout for payment processing. What is required for registering?

Step 2:  Submit machine-readable invoices for payment via the appropriately assigned payment email addresses.

Step 3:  Register for Electronic Funds Transfer.

Step 4:  Payment Status via the supplier portal.  COMING SOON!


All payments will be processed electronically (EFT).  In the event of a cheque being issued, payment will be sent out via Canada Post.  Cheques may not be picked up at the payment centre.

Electronic Funds Transfer

If you have not setup electronic funds transfer (EFT) with MMC/Hospitals for payment from the participating hospital or MSS, please complete the applicable EFT Registration Form and send via email to .

Invoice Pricing

Payments will be made according to the negotiated and accurate price of a product or service according to contracts. Vendors shall accurately price all products sold.

Invoice Discrepancies

Vendors shall conduct regular business reviews with procurement to assure timely resolution of invoice discrepancies. We will not pay vendors any late charges unless explicitly and contractually defined.