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Why EAP?

Why is an EAP right for your organization?

The reason is simple: anything that influences employee's well-being will have a direct impact on their work performance. Every employee's physical and emotional well-being is influenced by complex, interacting factors including:

  • Nutritional intake
  • Medical conditions
  • Physical fitness
  • Substance use/misuse and addictive behaviours including gambling & internet use
  • Engaging in high risk behaviours
  • Personality, temperament and attitude
  • Social support from friends and family
  • Career/occupational satisfaction
  • Financial stability
  • Effective family functioning
  • Coping strategies to deal with life changes and challenges
  • Environmental factors both at work and at home

Mohawk EAP/Lifeworks helps people get the help they need to reach their full potential and function better in their everyday life.

How Can EAP Help?

EAP offers immediate, confidential support for:

  • Relationship Issues: communication; resolving relationship conflict; building healthy relationships; domestic abuse
  • Personal Well-Being: wtress; depression; grief and loss; anxiety; life transitions; mental health and well being; managing anger; crisis and traumatic experiences
  • Family Issues: family relationships; communication; blended family issues; parenting; single parenting; co-parenting; aging parent concerns
  • Addictions: alcohol; drugs; gambling; tobacco; eating; internet; other addictions; after care support
  • Workplace: workplace conflict; workplace stress; performance issues; career transition; violence; harassment;  work-life balance;  workplace change

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