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Wellness Programs

One-On-One Wellness Coaching

Provide the proactive support your employees need to stay healthy, focused and working to their full potential.

The baby boomers are aging. The workforce is shrinking. Public health services are decreasing. Obesity, depression, and diabetes are on the rise. And, employers are bearing a growing proportion of the burden.

Our wellness coaching program offers one-on-one coaching support from a certified wellness coach to your employees with the goal of driving lasting behavioral changes, improved overall health, and increased productivity.

The program modules include Smoking Cessation (iCanQuit), Weight Management (iCanChange), Stress Management (iCanRelax) and finally, General Wellness Support, which captures a blend of health goals.

We'll provide phone and online support along with accompanying workbooks that are relevant to each individual employee's goals. Because our coaching support is tailored to each individual, Mohawk EAP/Lifeworks clients achieve and sustain behaviour changes that would not otherwise be possible. While each module is focused on addressing a particular modifiable health risk, coaches use a whole-person approach to help individuals in all areas of behaviour change. Your employees will work with the same wellness coach for the entire program to establish a trusted relationship and a higher degree of success.

Lifeworks Health Assessment:

Identify potential health risks within your workforce and improve organizational health and wellness - both overall and on and employee-by-employee basis.

The Lifeworks Health Assessment is an online tool that improves your workforce by:

  • Delivering inspirational wellness programs that motivate your people to maintain and improve their health.
  • Providing you with aggregate organizational reports to target health risks and make the best wellness investments.
  • Encouraging individuals through Personal Wellness Reports that suggest/educate on how to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Lifeworks Health Assessment Provides:

  • Motivation through the Health and Wellness Challenges Program with modules that are customized to meet your organization's health issues encouraging participants to utilize message boards, read/share testimonials and engage your coworkers.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities at organizational and confidential individual levels.
  • "Readiness for Change" measurement to target programs for these groups of employees ready to take action against modifiable health risks.
  • Easy-to-use interface available through secure link from the Lifeworks Online website or through a standalone solution and your internet.
  • Encouragement to individuals with personal tracking information, personal health assessment, testimonials and motivation. 

On-Site Health Clinics:

Minimize illness and absenteeism, promote healthy living, and reduce health care costs.

Our on-site health clinics deliver health screenings for the early detection of preventable health risks right to your work site. Your employees can receive a body fat analysis, blood pressure screening, flu vaccinations, sun awareness and much more.

Your employees are more likely to take advantage of these services when they're provided right on-site, and they will receive care from trained health professionals who are experienced in conducting health clinics. 

Health professionals provide results to each employee and an initial consultation immediately following the screenings.


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