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Mohawk Shared Services

Employee Development & Training Programs

Mohawk EAP/Lifeworks offers a complete spectrum of programs that directly target organizational effectiveness, productivity and quality of both home and work life. Mohawk EAP/Lifeworks provides exemplary, best practice development and training services to support the highest level of employee performance. Each training session that is offered has clearly defined learning objectives and expected outcomes. Although teaching methods vary by subject, sessions typically include a variety of experimental exercises, small group discussions, mini-lectures, self assessments and other learning activities designed to engage participants.

Our training is offered in a variety of formats, and can be customized to meet your organizational needs including:

  • In-Person Seminars or Workshops - offered at your workplace, organizational conferences or retreats or wherever you need us to be. These sessions vary in length from one hour to a full day and are highly interactive.
  • Virtual Seminars or Workshops (Webinars) - offered via web tool technology, these sessions allow your employees from various teams, various locations, or different countries to participate in training at the same time.
  • Blended Learning - some of our programs combine in-person workshops or webinars with telephonic group coaching. This approach is designed to create multiple touch points over time for learners as they go in-depth into an area of learning.

Our Trainers are highly skilled professionals with subject matter expertise in a wide range of areas including health and wellness, workplace productivity, management and business, mental health and more. They bring years of experience as both classroom and virtual trainers, and are able to connect participant knowledge and experience with the training materials.

We are available to you, 24/7, 365 days a year!  1-888-521-8300