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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Employee Assistance Program?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides professional, confidential counselling sessions to employees, their spouse/partner and their dependent family members living in their home under the age of 21 years. Our Employee Assistance Program can assist you in setting goals to help you reach your full potential. We offer a complete spectrum of employee counselling services, and a total range of programs that directly target organizational effectiveness, productivity and quality of both home and work life.

Who is eligible for services at Mohawk Medbuy Corporation EAP/Lifeworks?

You, your spouse/partner and the dependents living in your home under the age of 21 years, or dependants 21 - 25 years of age in full time attendance at a post secondary institution.

Why does my employer want to offer an EAP to its employees?

There are two reasons why organizations offer EAP's to their employees and their families.

  • To show that they genuinely care about the health and well being of their employees and their families and,
  • To recover the cost of lost productivity, lost creativity and disability claims associated with employees in today's workforce

What kinds of issues can employees bring to Mohawk Medbuy Corporation EAP/Lifeworks?

Employees can bring any issue or concern that they feel is interfering with their physical health, mental health or overall quality of life and/or preventing them from functioning to their full potential at work and in their personal life.

What happens during a counselling session?

The counsellor will listen to what the employee's concerns are. The counsellor will ask questions to determine not only the nature of the problem but also the scope and the employee's perception of the problem. The counsellor will also explore what expectations the employee has about resolving the issue(s). The counsellor and the employee will focus on the options and choices and form a plan to resolve the issue(s). There are times when a counsellor will recommend the employee seek medical or other specialized services and they will assist the employee with these referrals.

Can my employer, my spouse or family members ever find out what has been said in an employees' counselling session?

Confidentiality means that Mohawk Medbuy Corporation EAP/Lifeworks release no information without a signed informed consent form. Your employer receives no information about your contact with us unless you request it in writing.

How is Mohawk Medbuy Corporation EAP/Lifeworks accountable to my employer?

Many types of reports are possible without sharing identities or the issues of employees who receive services at Mohawk Medbuy Corporation EAP/Lifeworks. We provide various summaries of statistical data to the organizations that we service.

What are the qualifications of the counsellors who provide the EAP services?

Counsellors have a Master's level degree.

How quickly can I get an appointment?

Appointments can be arranged within a few days from the initial call to the time of the first appointment.

How long are the counselling sessions?

Each counselling session lasts between 50 - 60 minutes. We are well resourced across Canada,  with access to an international network of affiliates.

How do I make an appointment?

Contact us by telephone 1-888-521-8300, 24/7 365 days a year.

Is there a cost for EAP counselling?

No, the costs for the counselling sessions are covered by your employer and no money exchanges hands between employees, their family members and Mohawk Medbuy Corporation EAP/LIfeworks.

I do not know if my employer has an EAP?

If your employer does not have an EAP or your EAP provider is not Mohawk Medbuy Corporation EAP/LIfeworks, none of the specific information provided here will apply to you. If you do not know, contact your human resource or benefits department to ask who your EAP provider is. Alternatively, look in your employee manual for a section describing the benefits that you are entitled to. If you have an EAP there should be a description of the service available to you and your family members.


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