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MMC DI-r Division Value Added Programs, Projects & Services

The DI-r Division Project Management Office partners with LHINs, hospitals and other health care services to provide management consulting, business analysis, project management, change management and clinical leadership.  Our focus is large-scale, regional Diagnostic Image technology initiatives.  We work with Federal, Provincial and regional health agencies to coordinate complex projects and assist in the planning and execution of healthcare IT projects. Following in MMC tradition as a Shared Services Organization, the PMO offers shared professional services, helping member organizations to temporarily expand their project management capaciy in order to carry out complex IT initiatives and business process re-engineering.

Current Projects

Service Cost Optimization Project

DI departments are constantly looking for opportunities to improve patient accessibility while maintaining fiscal responsibility. Service opportunities have not been considered in the past to the same degree that higher end modalities have been considered (i.e. MR/CT); however, we believe that a comprehensive review can provide a list of opportunities to improve both patient accessibility and DI department financial performance. Our goal to our members who would like to enrol in this opportunity is to develop recommendations to improve patient accessibility while maintaining the department fiscal responsibility. The recommendations will be developed through a robust fact-based analysis and financial modelling of the DI operating model.  

Current successes:

  • increasing patient care by decreasing wait times for ultra sound exams
  • revenue increase by standardizing procedure times and increased booking schedules 
  • reviewing and updating job descriptions
  • updating ultra sound protocols and implementing findings across other  hosptials for improved patient and staff care
  • working with hosptial DI team in creating training documents for new hires

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Mohawk Medbuy Corporation:  DI-r at your Organization-Using the Techonology

As of May 2015, there were 509 authorized clinicians, physicians, radiologists and technicians in LHINs 3-4 accessing images and reports in the DI-r and increased usage adoption of users by 37% in 2014/15!  A total of 312,200 exams were shared by all hospitals last year alone in LHINs 1-2-3 & 4. Do you want more information on this other DI-r projects, programs and services?